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Access to multiple experts

Do you have issues with your computer system? Do you enjoy the benefits of technology but hate the stress it can cause? Let someone else worry about your network so you can focus on your business.

With C3 Systems & Security managed support services, your technical support challenges will be handled competently and efficiently allowing you to focus your valuable time on more important issues. By choosing C3 Systems managed support services, your organization gains access to enterprise-level support services at a price you can afford.

Access to multiple experts

As the IT industry continues to increase in complexity, experts are required. Jack-of-all-trades were effective 10 years ago, but don’t cut it anymore. To ensure you have access to the right IT resource, we have assembled a team of engineers experienced and trained in the fields of security, database, network, server, and desktop. You don’t need multiple companies or an extensive IT staff to maintain a healthy network. With experts from the C3 Systems & Security support team, you will feel confident knowing all aspects of your network are taken care of by specialized industry professionals.

HelpDesk Accessibility

Immediate support is a requirement for today’s businesses. With C3 Systems & Security managed services, your associates will have access to help desk engineers that can solve issues over the phone. In fact, our engineers solve 80 percent of issues remotely. For the 20 percent that can’t be solved remotely, we provide on-site support. With a single point of contact for all network related issues, management will know exactly when and how each call gets resolved. Because we track and document every issue, you will finally be able to see the investment you are making in IT Support. By decreasing end-user issues you increase the amount of time your employees spend making your business better. The C3 Systems & Security helpdesk is your best defense against costly computer and network downtime. While your competitors are fighting network issues you gain market share.

Proactive Monitoring

Properly maintained equipment runs more efficiently. The same is true of your network. By taking a proactive approach with mission critical servers and other network devices, you can increase availability and responsiveness. With our managed support services, your organization will benefit from a stable, secure, and fully-functional network at all times. We monitor your network 7×24 to ensure problems are identified, isolated and eliminated before they can affect employee productivity. Our monthly reports reveal network and server capacity to help you plan for the future. Our reports can also be used to address compliancy regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA and other industry best practices. From verifying your anti-virus signature downloads to monitoring your system backups, our proactive approach will make you once again proud of your technology investment.

A Secure Network

The internet has become a critical resource employees need to do their job and be able to access corporate information from remote locations. Unfortunately, when employees perform these daily tasks, they expose your organization to serious security risks. C3 Systems & Security managed security services encompasses a variety of disciplines that are designed to protect your valuable information from misuse or damage by intruders to your network. Armed with protection from our managed security services, you will enjoy the comfort and convenience of knowing you are taking a cost-effective approach to keeping your electronic corporate data secure.

Our relationships

When you work with C3 Systems & Security you not only get a secure, healthy network for your company, you get an IT friend and partner. We strive to be an extension of your company. We get to know your employees, your business model, your processes, your likes and your dislikes. We get to know you and your associates. We aren’t only partners with our customers, we are partners with your partners; forming a team that allows you to leverage all your technology investments. We have partners to share with you, too. We partner with major hardware, software manufacturers and service providers to provide your organization with better prices, better support, and better service. We can escalate problems and handle returns seamlessly. Our relationships will give you convenient business processes and make your IT department one of the smoothest divisions of your organization.


All good relationships are based on effective communication. A partnership with C3 Systems & Security is no different. We provide every client with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure that all assigned tasks are completed and success is measured. By helping you with strategic, operational, and maintenance IT issues, we become a more valuable resource to your team. With a C3 Systems & Security Service Level Agreement you will be comfortable providing more services to your associates and your clients.

Flexible, Comprehensive and Scalable

Because businesses come in all shapes and sizes, flexibility is essential when outsourcing IT services. C3 Systems & Security offers scalable and comprehensive services to small and midsize businesses. Whether you need help desk support, on site support, remote monitoring or emergency response, C3 Systems & Security can do it. If you need full-scale, continuous support or just help every now and then, C3 Systems & Security can do it. Even as your company changes in size so can your support plan. With C3 Systems & Security managed support services you get complete network support from workstation to server to security. And from a company that is your partner for all things IT. Best of all, you can expand or shrink your support based on your needs. With flexible, comprehensive, and scalable services you conveniently get a secure, healthy network at a reasonable investment.